About Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip replacement surgeryAnterior Hip Replacement is considered a minimally invasive type of surgery for replacing the hip. One of the biggest benefits of this type of surgery is that the surgeon will actually replace the hip without detaching any muscle tissue from the femur or the pelvis. The greatest majority of hip replacement surgeries indeed require that muscle mass is detached from the femur, while the anterior approach surgery is as minimally invasive as possible.

What happens during the anterior hip replacement surgery?

As earlier noted, during hip replacement surgery plenty of muscle mass is spared. This automatically means that recovery time will be faster, post-surgery pain is reduced to a minimum and the surgery helps with improved mobility. During such an anterior hip replacement intervention, the surgeon can basically operate right through your muscles and the tissues. He doesn’t have to detach any tissue or muscle from your thigh bones or from your hips. Therefore, the tissue is nicely spared, so there will be no trauma topically.

The best experts in the field agree that anterior hip replacement surgery has so many benefits compared to traditional surgery. Firstly, the risk of dislocations is reduced to a minimum exactly because the muscle mass is maintained intact during surgery. With additional surgery, the doctor performs an incision to the back or the sides of your hip. With anterior hip replacement, there will be one single small sized incision right on the front of the hip (the anterior part of the hip)

If you would like to find out exactly how such an Anterior hip replacement surgery happens, you are welcome to research a bit online. There are many such little videos or animations posted on educational medical sites. Here, you can actually follow all the important steps of the procedure and better understand how the surgeon replaces the hip through this minimally invasive procedure.

Patient Reviews

Shoulder replacement surgery diagramPerhaps the most important and relevant fact proving that the anterior approach is the best…are the patient reviews. Online, you can find hundreds of reviews of happy patients who chose anterior hip replacement over traditional surgery. They are extremely happy with their choice and say they would never have chosen the traditional surgery which is quite invasive. For more information on anterior hip replacement by Shane Blackmore (Melbourne) visit their site.

There are several benefit that speak in favour of opting for anterior hip replacement. You can also read many such success stories online, and they will all help you understand the medical and also psychological benefits of choosing the anterior type of surgery. There is no need to panic if you have been told that you need hip replacement. With this minimally invasive technique, you will recover faster and without pain. Just make sure to look for the best orthopaedic surgeon!