Interior Design – Important Tips to Spice up Any Room

So you have moved into the beautiful Melbourne home of your dreams and are ready to start making it your own, or maybe you have been living at your current home for quite a while and wanted to change things up around the house. Whichever scenario you find yourself relating to the most, we have some great tips to help you improve upon and spice up any room in your house. It is important to decorate your home to fit your lifestyle, your skills, and your taste, so why wait? Get started on some of these awesome inspirational design ideas.

Make Space

One of the common problems with many interior design concepts in the Melbourne area is that people want to put too much into a room. Or maybe they just put things too close to each other to make areas of the room seem like a cozy grouping. We must insist that leaving ample spaces between the different pieces in a room will make it seem much more open, refreshing and clean. It will also be much easier to clean and move around the room.

Pick the Paint Last

Although it may seem intuitive to pick the paint first and then fill in the room after, it really isn’t a good way to go about decorating a room. The reason we say this is because there are so many colors, shades, textures, and tints that paints come in. This is awesome because you have an infinite number of choices when it comes to paint. This is also great because you can focus on picking out unique pieces of furniture or embellishments for the room first.

It can be annoying to find the perfect appliance or furniture piece in the wrong color, and either has to turn it down due to the color of paint you already painted the room, or you will have to paint it or stain it to match. Sounds like a pain to us. It is much easier to paint a room than a lamp or that antique statue you found.

Rug Arrangements

Many people are unaware of how much of a difference the rug and furniture arrangement in a room makes. If the furniture and rug are not interacting in the right way or placed awkwardly, it throws off the vibes of the room and makes it look wrong. So here are some quick tips to arrange your rugs the right way!

There really are no rule books when it comes to interior design (or any kind of design, really). Rules are always being broken in new creative ways in the design world so don’t let yourself get too caught up in the rules and doing things the way people say they should be done. This is your space, your time and your money that is involved in this re-design so might as well make it worth your time. Have fun and be a little quirky, it’s what makes a home fun.