Tips For Restaining Your Decks and Pergolas

Once your pergola, deck or verandah has been exposed to different weather for quite some time, you will begin to notice that the colour will start to fade. The grain may become washed out and timbers might not look good as before. With that in mind, it is now time to re-stain them. Most deck builders and pergola builders suggest re-staining once every 1 or 2 years. And to ensure that the stain will go evenly, deck builders and pergola builders suggest you first give your deck or verandah a good clean. 

Cleaning the wood

Active ingredients in most cleaning agents can be used to get your deck, verandah or pergola clean. Chemicals and other generic alternatives will do the trick and can be easily stored in your carport if you plan to do more work in the future or even if you decide to hire a professional builder such as the ones found here.

Add 2 cups of Napisan to a ½ bucket of hot water when cleaning the wood. If you don’t have a napisan or generic alternative, you may buy a stiffed and bristled decking brush from your local hardware store. Give your timbers a light scrub before you apply the cleaner. After that, leave the solution on the wood for 15-20 minutes. You may also add some water to wet the timber and to give it a good brush down. Rinse off and allow it to dry. For pergolas, pergola builders suggest scrubbing it several times because you might not be able to let the solution sit on the wood for long period.

Use a Wood Brightener

Before you apply stain to your deck, deck builders suggest spraying on some wood brightener first. This actually neutralises residues and opens up the wood so that it will improve the penetration of the succeeding stain coating. Deck builders also add that doing so is useful on woods with a long accumulation of stain in the grain.

Applying Stain to the Timber

Deck and pergola builders both agree that there is no better applicator in staining wood than a paintbrush. The paintbrush’s bristle will open the pores of your timber thus causing it to absorb the stain better. You can use it for your whole deck, pergola or verandah, however, make sure you are ready for any touch-ups. Experts suggest applying too little rather than applying too much. Applying too much will only make the surface become brittle and will eventually crack or peel which results in a horrible looking finish.

Once you have already cleaned your outdoor areas and let it finally dry, you may now go and inspect your work. Your finished product should look fresh and clean without areas lest unstained. Your deck, verandah, and pergolas are now renewed and revitalised! If you are now considering that you want to leave the work with the experts who regularly build carports or timber works all the time then you should check out this website in order to find a professional who will help you build your ideal home structure.

While applying stain, make sure you run as far long to a single board as you can and avoid touching any of the other board. When finished with the first row, start to move across the deck. Your applicator should cover at least four boards at a time. If it is your first time re-staining, it is better if you first try and test it on offcuts and check how much oil is needed to apply and how long it needs to dry.

I hope this article has helped you with re-staining your timber features.